Here’s how Ronda started helping entrepreneurs become
highly organized CEO’s of their own businesses.
AND make a lot more money.

Ronda’s system can help take you from where you are to where you wanna be with your business. Yes, it’s gonna take commitment and a lot of hard work. But the good news is…it’s hard work you do once. Then, you’ll have a system to help you automate and delegate that hard work from then on. AND…she isn’t putting you through anything she didn’t already do herself.

After 14 years in a management position for a large corporation in the same industry, Ronda decided to make a change. She wanted to explore something besides what her insurance background offered. The benefits of self-employment certainly interested her…

  • More time with her family,
  • Doing what she loved, and
  • Making more money

Ronda looked for opportunity, and became a partner in a small business in early 2000. She observed how unpredictable their lead generation and profits were and decided to make an intense study of the industry. Before long, she mastered all the technical details of the business.

Once immersed in formal training, coaching, and implementation…she discovered how to build business better.

She developed and integrated a new business model with an emphasis on referrals. Over time, Ronda’s consistent, reliable, and predictable marketing strategies created clearly defined roles for all operational components of the company.

And that lead to an increased overall production of 82% over the next 6 years. Gross annual profits increased from $310,000 to $1.7M in 4 years. The business opened second and third divisions. In 3 years those divisions earned over $4M. News of those successes got around. And Ronda was approached by several small business owners and entrepreneurs. They wanted to know her “business secrets”.

She started taking on clients who were willing to do what it takes to be true business owners and create business profits.

Since then, Ronda has helped scores of clients realize and expand their business owner dreams. So…are you ready to Get Ready?