This course and all in one solution contact relationship system is for anyone who wants to build a great business to create an amazing life. Is that you? Full price of the course is $160/mo or if do the year $137/mo. Either way, less than $6/day. This whole course is designed to focus your energy on building a solid and sustainable business. The best time to begin is right now.

• Includes 74 video lessons, hundreds of downloads; instructional and examples
• 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback
• Long Term Access – as long as you stay a member
• Access on mobile devices and desktop

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CRM Features –You don’t need to go buy 10 different specialized products and try to make them work with each other. We combine lots of tools into one.

Shorter List features with benefits

Mobile Device Ready Complete all your work easily while you are on the go
Lead Capturing Websites Lead Generation-Drip &
Email Marketing templates and campaigns
Create and edit your own lead capturing landing pages without the need to know how to program or having to hire a professional.
Marketing Automation Your business will grow on autopilot with automated systems that let you set it and forget it.
Mass/Blast mailer Enjoy an easy to use email content designer to send beautiful, professional grade email communications.
Contact Relationship manager Have all your clients information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere without wasting time digging through paperwork.
Social Media Integration Have all your contacts social media inks at the touch of a button.
Calendar System Improve your time efficiency having your to do’s and events tied into your contacts.
Workflow Management Spend less time juggling your priorities each day with the incorporation of automated systems performing daily administrative tasks.
Sales Pipeline/Job Tracking Systems Stay up to date with managing your leads, prospects and customers – never dropping the ball.
Referral Tracking Know who your raving fans are and build a turn key referral business.
Performance Measurement Reports Improve your performance, income potential & time efficiency by easily identifying your areas of opportunity.
24/7 Recorded Message System Give your customers top notch, timely information and service without being tethered to your phone.
Monthly Customizable newsletter Keep in front of your customers with a
Agenda Assistant Say goodbye to missing appointments, special occasions and important things to do and hello to automated, organized schedule reminders
& Much Much More


Web Based Contact Management x x
Marketing Automation x x
Duplicate Entry Management X x
Workflow Management x x
Sales Pipeline & Job Tracking System x x
Social Media Integration x x
Drip & Email Marketing Templates & Campaigns x x
Easy Audio Generator x x
Code Free drag & drop Landing Page Templates & Lead Capturing Websites x x
Mass Email Capability & Scheduled email blasts x x
Easy Workgroup Tasks x x
24/7 Recorded Message System x included in voice touch x included in voice touch
Monthly customizable newsletter x x
Calendar Management w/ Google Integration x x
Performance Management Tools & Reports x x
Agenda Assistant x x
Intelligent email links x x
Birthday/Anniversary Tracking x x
Customizable Fields x x
5 Level Referral Tracking x x
Beautiful Responsive Email Templates x x
Mail Merge for custom emails and letters x x
Mobile device ready x x
Customizable Label Printing x x
Email Support x x
Customizable dashboard x x
Knowledge Base with screen shots x x
80+ short video tutorials x x
Cloud file attachments x x
Customized User Levels X included in purchase of additional users X included in purchase of additional users

Site membership

Get all new courses at a 50% discount as part of your membership. Additional courses will be focused on marketing, finances, web development and seo and so much more! All will have an emphasis on building your best business. Individual class prices will be from $50 on up.



Voice Touch – Your 24/7 Recorded Message System

Adding VoiceTouch to your RondaReady subscription will increase your RondaReady monthly fee by $20.

Here is why you want this service:



Free Recorded Message

  • Your very own 24/7 free recorded message system built right into your contact database-is fully integrated into your Client Management System. That means you won’t have to transfer information or cut and paste leads from one system to another.
  • Prospective customers will call your dedicated number to get educated about your product or to learn about your offer.  They can call it 24/7. It is non-threatening.  According to the direct marketing association, 83% of the population would rather listen to a 24-hour free recorded message than to speak with a live salesperson. You could be sleeping or vacationing and your automatic marketing system is always on the job.
  • Put your number on all your marketing material. Your message line can have different extensions so you can use the same call-in number for different products or messages.



Text to Join – 2 Way Texting

  • Text-to-Join is the fastest and easiest way to build and grow your Contact List.  Perspective customers add themselves to your database and opt in to receive your emails and your text messages.  All you do is tell your customers to text their email to a phone number. Here’s how it works, Laurie sees your sign and texts her email address to your Text-to-Join phone number. Instantly, a friendly text comes back, asking for her name, that’s it. The system will then automatically add Laurie to your database, including her mobile phone number and her email address. Plus, Laurie has been opted in to receive both emails and text messages from you. Next, Text-to-Join assigns your new lead to an email drip campaign, setting up the entire email series for you.
  • Right from your VoiceTouch message inbox you can send a text message back to them or text them back directly from the Contact Card.
  • This is truly an amazing way to add quality leads to your database, automate your follow up and have all the documentation in your system.

Customized User Levels


  • Shares Contacts and Deals with the Account Owner
  • Has most of the same rights as the Account Owner
  • Has full access to Settings systemwide
  • Has full access to all information and all databases
  • Can assign and re-assign Contacts and Deals
  • Can add and delete Team Members
  • Does not have access to Billing and Plan setup

Team Player

  • Shares Contacts and Deals with the Account Owner
  • Has limited access to Settings and no access to Utilities
  • Uses the Account Owner’s Advanced Settings

Independent User

  • Has their own Contacts and Deals
  • Has limited access to Settings and no access to Utilities
  • Uses the Account Owner’s Advanced Settings

Power User

  • Has their own Contacts and Deals
  • Has their own Advanced Settings including: To-Do Plans, Autoresponders, and Webforms
  • Has access to Utilities including the ability to Import and Export data