4 in 10 College
Students Graduate Without Enough
System Thinking Skills To Manage
White-Collar Work

Here’s How To
Make Sure You Don’t Join That List.

So, do any of these descriptions sound like you?

Your high school days are about over. Or maybe you’re in college. But you’re only going because it’s always been “the plan.” Or maybe you don’t like the job you have and you wanna quit.

Yeah, you might feel like those are your only options. But that’s absolutely not the case.

Sure, most American kids are told to work hard through school and then go to college. And it’s not easy to buck the trend. Especially when so many tell you it’s the tried and true way to go. So, it’s no wonder most students consider there could be another way. A way that won’t put you under a six-figures pile of debt.

But smart people like you DO consider all options before investing a bunch of time and money. And that’s no different for your education than it is for any other kind of investment.

And when you find out there are options that’ll keep you out of the debt hamster wheel, you might discover college isn’t the best choice for you. Nowadays, that’s possibly truer than ever before.

Unless you plan on practicing law or medicine, you probably don’t need college. And you certainly don’t need all the massive debt for a piece of paper that might not help you earn enough to pay for it.

For example, you should check out some numbers by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They found that 39 percent of recent college graduates (and even and 32.7 percent of all college graduates) are working in jobs that don’t require a college degree. Other data gathering companies say those numbers are even higher.

Hmm, it looks like college degrees don’t connect well with the job market.

You’ve heard of Apple, right? Makers of MacBooks and iPhones and other fun devices. Well, their CEO, Tim Cook, talked about a “mismatch between the skills that are coming out of colleges and what the skills are that we believe we need in the future.” Wow. That’s huge.

But not only that…about half of the employees of Apple don’t have four-year degrees. You read that right. Apple doesn’t require a college diploma for at least half their jobs. Probably more when you get right down to it.

And Apple is just one of many employers who feel that college graduates aren’t prepared for the workplace. Many of those employers say college graduates lack the skills critical to business.

And the saddest (and maybe worst) part is, that’s after tons of money have been spent on college.

That cost is going up, by the way. Guaranteed. Just in the last 10 years the cost of college has increased by more than 25%. And the total U.S. student debt was over $1.6 trillion in 2020. That’s trillion with a capital TR.

Does this sound like something you’d like to add your name to?

I recommend you at least check out your options. And there ARE more options. I’m gonna offer you one shortly. But the main thing is, make sure you truly do your research. Then, if you decide college (and its massive cost) is the right decision, at least it’ll be a well-informed decision.

But if you haven’t already set your heart, mind, and soul on college, let me make you an offer to help you go in a different direction. A direction focused on YOU.

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