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According to a recent test of 32,000 students, conducted by the Wall Street journal, 4 in 10 college students graduate without enough system thinking skills to manage white-collar work [*]

So, they don’t have the ability to:

  • Read a scatterplot,
  • Construct a cohesive argument, or
  • Identify a logical fallacy.


Academically Adrift reported a study of 2,400 college students across 24 different universities over a 4 year period. And it said students were no longer progressing during college compared to the previous generation of students. Because of a lack of critical (aka System) thinking.

 Why is this happening? 

Huffington post reported while system thinking is encouraged, there has NEVER been a formal way to integrate this skill into the existing curriculum. [**]

Most teachers don’t teach it for one simple reason.

 There’s No Time 

Most teachers would love to spend time giving kids the necessary System Thinking skills.

But State departments’ mandates, funded by the government, hold teachers to an impossible standard to cram material into one short semester.

So, in order to cover the material necessary, teachers rush and brush over topics superficially and uncritically.

This is why, when you ask your child what they learned in school today, more likely than not, “nothing” is all you’ll hear them say.

Teachers only have time to teach a “one dimension view” of the material creating what some refer to as a “mile wide, inch deep” approach to learning.

When you give students the ability to see multiple angles, consider things they hadn’t before, and the ability to “think outside the box,” they become virtually unstoppable.

Psychology Today says teachers WANT to teach [system thinking] skills but can’t for lack of time. Plus, they face increasing pressure to make lessons easier. Because that helps them get higher course evaluations for their classes.

 So, why is this important? 

Stacey Patton, a respected researcher in her “Chronicle of Higher Education,” reported that faculty members at a “West coast research university” were reportedly obsessed with getting a 4.7 average on a 5 point scale. [***]

Why are professors talking about how to reach a 4.7 out of 5 on their student evaluations more than talking about teaching?

Patton observed that evaluations drive decisions on hiring, promotions, and tenure. Adjunct professors say they feel paralyzed when a low score can mean a pink slip. And many are just not willing to risk their job.

In fact at Norfolk State University, Stephen Aird, a well-intentioned biology professor, was terminated simply because of his evaluations.

 So, how do you fix this?
System Thinking. 

And the solution is much simpler than you might think.

The government just needs to alter its policy according to Huffington post.

And why doesn’t the government alter its policy?

As the Republican party of Texas wrote as part of their section on education…

“We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.” [****]

And why would the government oppose
the teaching of critical thinking?

Well, if students learned how to think critically, they might take learning seriously. And start asking too many questions. And start reforming. Those in power are absolutely terrified of that.

So, now there aren’t a lot of options for students to learn critical thinking. Or what I call System Thinking.

Because teachers, institutions, and organizations just don’t have the incentive to teach it. And I’ve heard, from lots of business owners with kids, how much they believe it would help their kids.

And I thought, “Somebody needs to help these kids get started better.”

But as a business coach to 6 and 7 figures business owners and entrepreneurs, I just hadn’t thought about it being me.

But then, the more I thought about it…and the more I thought about my own kids going out into the real world…the more I realized, I CAN help.

And so I’m excited to introduce you to…


Where Students Learn
To System Think
And Jump Into Real Life
With Real Skills

Hi. I’m Ronda.

I’m sure you’re probably like me. You don’t want your kids to drown. So you get ’em swimming lessons. Right? And you don’t want ’em to crash the family car. Or worse yet…end up a highway statistic. So, you make sure they get driver’s education with at least 50 hours behind the wheel.

And you probably care more about their teeth and hygiene than they do…at least while they’re young. So, you teach them how to brush, wash, and clean up their rooms and make their beds.

Sure, it’s a lot of work. But the payoff is, they learn how to be successful adults.

My kids were my motivation 20 years ago.

And I worked hard on a system that would allow me to take care of them AND work from home. Because I just couldn’t bear the thought of getting so tangled up in the corporate world that I’d miss them growing up.

But I knew it would take a good system. And those other things you always hear about, too. Dedication. Persistence. Etc.

Fortunately, I developed that system while I was still in the corporate world. And then, I was able to take it to other business owners and entrepreneurs and help them reach their dreams and goals.

And that helped me reach my dreams and goals for working from home where I could be with my kids.

So, fast forward, and I’ve been able to help lots of clients (and me) build 6 and 7 figures businesses.

And I know, without a doubt, I owe my success to…

System Thinking

And System Think is how you develop your vision, your mission, and your plan. A System to help you prepare to own and operate a business, if that’s your dream. Or be able to move through the ranks of cutting edge businesses, if that’s what you prefer.

Without a vision, and a system to see it through, it’s so easy to find yourself doing everything from a position of overwhelmed, urgent stress. I’m sure you’ve felt that at some point in your life. Right? Just about everyone has. And it’s no fun, to say the least.

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System Thinking Is
The Solution

A proven method for how to develop a clear and super productive way to think. System Think. What if you could help your kids see their lives holistically? And what if they could get leadership skills (most of their peers will never get) and build the right system to get better results much faster in life? Wouldn’t that be an awesome way for them to use their gifts and talents?

And I know your kids have true gifts and talents, or you wouldn’t be here reading this letter. I’m sure you wanna do everything you can so that you AND your kids, avoid as many pitfalls as possible. But how do you navigate past the mud most others get stuck in?  Well, I might be able to help. Because…

I wanna help you help them.

All around me, I see so many young people with ideas. Some great ideas…and a few that, let’s face it, maybe aren’t so good. But, they end up doing nothing with even the great ideas.

And I’ve seen older adults who went through most of their life with unfulfilled dreams. Because they didn’t invest in the Real Skills and build the System to give themselves the best path to success. Instead, they chose the so-called “safe” answer. A heart and soul wrecking job that didn’t line up with their gifts and talents.

And that’s a recipe for a life of tension and stress and frustration. So, the question isn’t why would you do this for you and your kids. It’s really more…

 “Why wouldn’t you do this?” 

Of course, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I can help everyone. Far from it. Because my System takes dedication and persistence. And if you don’t think anybody’s gonna stick with it, save your money. Of course, that goes for college, too. And, remember, college can cost tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands more.

But for just about anybody who CAN stick with it, I can show ’em how to System Think. And anybody who can System Think can turn dreams and ideas into a money making business. And that could support them for the rest of their lives. Yeah, that’s who I believe I can help.

And here’s what you get for your investment

And here’s some even BETTER stuff you get!

  • System Thinking – to help them avoid the agony of random thinking
  • Real Skills For Real Life – so they can serve real people and make real money
  • Organization for just about every part of life – because chaos is nobody’s friend
  • Schedule Control – so they can control their life and not the other way around
  • Motivation – because everybody needs some every now and then
  • Goals…and tools to actually reach ’em – so they know where they’re going
  • Forward Movement Habits – because backwards is the wrong direction
  • Leadership Skills – so they’re ready for growth and success
  • Awesome Support System Tools – because support equals confidence
  • Focus Tools – so they keep their eyes on the prize
  • And a whole lot more confidence than almost everyone else they know


 And where else are you
gonna find these
System Think skills? 

Most people don’t grow up with ’em. In fact, the information I’ve seen says only 3% of the population are natural system thinkers. And that means the other 97% of us have to learn it.

I had to. But I took those years of learning and trial and error and condensed them down into a simple (even if it’s not easy) online course.

And it’s so worth the time and effort (and small amount of money for this course) to change the direction of your kids’ lives. Their health and happiness is worth it, right? And yours is, too. Here’s a lessons preview…

Start today.

Let me help you help your kids turn actions into routines. And routines into habits. And habits into profits. Not just money. But peace of mind. More life with family and friends. More free time to pursue even more dreams and ideas.

Why put it off even one more minute? Start right now! And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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I’m here for you. Because I want you to Get Ready, Be Ready, and Stay Ready…

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* https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-intuitive-parent/201703/the-emerging-crisis-in-critical-thinking

** https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-public-schools-dont-t_b_7956518

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**** https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/texas-gop-rejects-%20critical-thinking-skills-really/2012/07/08/gJQAHNpFXW_blog.html